Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 44 No. 129

- Environmental Friendly Technologies for Nonhomogeneous Combustion -

  • Solid Combustion Technology Matched in the Environment
    Moritomi, H.
  • Recent Developments and Future Scope in Gasifying and Melting Technology of Solid Waste
    Matsudaira, T.
  • Characteristics of Gasification and Combustion in Direct Melting Process for Recycling Municipal Solid Waste
    Sibaike, H.
  • Effects of Methane or Steam Injection on the H2/CO Ratio of Coal Gasification by the Entrained Two Stage Gasifier
    Kiso, F., Akiyama, T., Tanaka, S., and Morihara, A.
- New Simulation Methods in Combustion I -
  • Future Aspects of Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Combustion Science and Engineering
    Shibahara, M. and Katsuki, M.
  • [PDF] Extinction of the Counter flow Diffusion Flame of Blended Fuels
    Denda, T., Maruta, K., Kobayashi, H., and Niioka, T.
  • [PDF] Experimental Study on Inhibition Effect of CF3I over Methane/Air Combustion in an Explosion Vessel
    Ohtani, H. and Nakata, S.
  • [PDF] Modeling of Turbulent Jet Diffusion Flames Using a Scalar Probability Density Function Approach
    Noda, S. and Nishioka, M.