Photo Contest

2018 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The HIGHEST AWARD


Firebird, among a swirl of fireflies
BAGNOL, Thibault1, NAGAO, Takahisa2, IWAKI, Yuki2, ITOH, Mitsunori2
1 San Diego State University
2 IHI Corporation Research Laboratory

The subject of this photograph is burner flame with fuel droplet visualization. Kerosene is used as the fuel and a double swirler airblast nozzle is adopted for atomization. Sauter mean diameter is about 50 m. A small amount of propane is pre-mixed for stabilizing the flame. The purpose of this experiment is to observe the change in diameter of fuel droplets in the flame. In this photo, the scattered green laser light from the droplets can be observed, and it can be seen that droplets disappear in the flame. The green spots on the outside of the flame are large droplets that have not burned. In addition, luminous flames at the upper part of the flame are fuel droplets in single droplet combustion state, and after the droplets evaporate, luminous flames become blue flames because of decreasing the equivalence ratio, and finally the combustion is completed. The photo was named after Mr. Bagnolfs remark "it looks like a fire bird" and the fact that the scattered light of droplets resemble fireflies.
Camera: FUJIFILM X-Pro2, Lens: FUJINON XF35mmF1.4R
F-number: F/1.4CShutter: 1/500sCISO: 1600
Film Simulation: ASTIA

2018 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The MERIT AWARD


Ceiling flower
ONO, Yoshitomoi1, DAITOKU, Tadafumi1, TSURUDA Takashi1
1 Akita Prefectural University

The inclination of the ceiling surface was set to 8 , and the acrylic plate was burned from the center on that surface. Three representative images from the burning spread from the center of the acrylic board are arranged. The blue flame was expressed like a flower.