Photo Contest

2017 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The HIGHEST AWARD


Akito Higasa1, Daichi Kawakami1, Hirotoshi Shibagaki1, Yuji Yahagi1
1 Shibaura Institute of Technology

Deep blue glass and the Combustion Society`s special cocktail is made by dual nozzle burner. Propane is used for the ring burner (φ12mm), and methane/air premixed diluted by nitrogen is used for the main burner (φ10mm), respectively. If you could correctly answer the flow rates and the mixture conditions, one glass of “Flamme・de・cocktail” will free charge. No image processing used! This is 100% original direct photo.
Camera:Nikon D5
Lens:AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 D
F-number:F/3.5,Shutter speed:1/13s,ISO:500

2017 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The MERIT AWARD


Simulated in-Cylinder Pool Combustion
Hisaya Adachi1, Tomoaki Itoh1, Misaki Takahashi1, Jun Hashimoto1, Kimitoshi Tanoue1
1 Oita University

Engine research is facing difficulties of a new era. Science will help us to overcome them. This photograph shows "the Simulated in-Cylinder Pool Combustion". A propane premixture is supplied from the upper duct and a premixed flame having the equivalence of 0.9 is formed. Then the nitrogen diluted gasoline surrogate fuel is supplied from the lower duct. The gasoline surrogate fuel reacts under the support of combustion gas and generates the particulate matter. This experiment is devised to simulate the pool flame occurring in DISI gasoline engines.


Jellyfish Flame
Hikaru Yokota1, Hiroyuki Torikai1
1 Graduate School of Hirosaki University

Our photograph shows a methane-air premixed flame vortex ring which is formed at the open mouth of a one-end-open tube made of transparent acrylic material. The flame in the photograph looks like a beautiful jellyfish emitting blue light and swimming in deep sea. The equivalence ratio of the premixed gas is 1.2 and the height and the inner diameter of the tube are 102 mm and 49 mm. In order to establish an inert-gas extinguishing method using a combustion-gas vortex ring, we study experimentally the flame vortex ring. Basically, a combustion gas which does not include oxidizer can be used as a gaseous extinguishing agent and the vortex ring made of combustion gas can transport it to fire sites.