Photo Contest

2010 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The HIGHEST AWARD


Woo Kyung KIM, Toshio MOGI, and Ritsu DOBASHI
The University of Tokyo

In existing methods, a balloon or vinyl house was used to examine the intensity of the blast wave during a gas explosion in an open space. Therefore, it was difficult to measure flame propagation behaviors by schlielen photography method. We applied soap bubble method to measure the flame propagation behaviors. These schlieren pictures indicate flame propagation of hydrogen/air mixtures at various concentrations. It was found that some kind of spontaneous flame disturbances by diffusive thermal instability were generated in each condition. The intensity of blast wave is strongly affected by the acceleration of burning velocity by the spontaneous flame disturbances. We named this pictures gExplosions of Soap Bubblesh, because we could understand the effect of the flame propagation behaviors during a gas explosion by using the soap bubble method.