Photo Contest

2007 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The HIGHEST AWARD


Autumnal Leaves of 6 mm in Height
Hiroyuki KOIDE, Masataro SUZUKI, and Wataru MASUDA
Nagaoka University of Technology

This is a close up picture of a sheet of filter paper burning under the condition of downward flame spread. The sheet of 0.2 mm in thickness has been held vertically and ignited ay its tio end. The photograph shows the area of 8 mm x 5 mm. During combustion, the paper pyrolized and turns into char, the glowing of which seems like autumnal red leaves. Although the flame over the surface of the sheet is hardly seen, luminous flame can be recognized faintly. The blue flame at the leading edge is too dark to be visible.

2007 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The MERIT AWARD


「華炎(かえん) 〜Micro-flames on triple small tubes〜」
大倉 直樹,門脇 敏

 この写真は,三本の円管(材質SUS304,内径2mm,肉厚0.5mm,長さ330mm)を正三角形状に束ねたマイクロバーナー上に形成されるメタン−空気予混合火炎の直接写真である(シャッター速度0.1s).混合気の流量は0.8 ?/min(混合気平均流速1.4m/s)一定とし,当量比は写真左より1.8,1.5,1.4,1.3,1.2,1.0に設定されている.当量比が小さくなると,一つにまとまった火炎から三つの独立した火炎に遷移する.さらに当量比が小さくなると,それらの火炎の変化はまるで花の蕾(つぼみ)が開花する過程のようであり,火炎形状の変化の華やかな様子が描かれている.