Photo Contest

2006 Photo Contest -Beautiful Flames- The HIGHEST AWARD


Fantastic Flame Development in an Engine
Eiji TOMITA*, Nobuhiko FUKATANI*, Nobuyuki KAWAHARA*, Keiji MARUYAMA*, and Tetsuo KOMODA**
*: Okayama University
**: Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding

Flame development in an optically accessed engine was directly visualized using a high-speed color video camera through a sapphire window installed in the piston, with biomass gas introduced from the intake port and a small amount of gas oil injected into the cylinder just before the top dead center (YDC) during the compression stroke. The engine cylinder bore was 96mm, the engine speed was 1000 rpm, the injection pressure of the gas oil was 40MPa, and the time interval between the frames was 250 micro-sec. The flame developed in the premixed mixture of biomass gas and air from the auto-ignited portions by the injected gas oil. The color of the flame showed pale blue because of the combustion of carbon monoxide in the biomass gas. And small droplets of the gas oil burned brightly. These photographs invite us a fantastic world of the flame in the engine.